Cadre’s mission is to add beauty and value to everything that we do. We support our roster of artists as well as our clients and empower them to bring their creative ideas to life.  We’re always working to foster new and emerging talent and support them in reaching their full potential. Our core values are rooted in integrity — something we stay true to in our actions and in the art that we create.

Cadre Artist Management is a female-owned, Toronto-based fashion management agency, specializing in hair + makeup, wardrobe styling and product styling.

The success of the agency is built on the reputations and experience of its two founders, Leila Canon-Ahern and Andrea Evans, each with 15-20 years in the business, with extensive contacts and specialized experience in this niche field. Leila and Andrea began their separate journeys booking models. Their careers and friendship intertwined in 2010 and they found quite quickly that their core values aligned effortlessly. Respected for their enthusiasm and warmth towards their talent and clients, they look forward to taking great care of their Cadre.



noun: a small group of people specially trained for a particular purpose or profession.


Leila Canon-Ahern

Co-Founder & Agent


[email protected]

After graduating from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson)’s Fashion Communications program, Leila began her career managing models. She quickly discovered that she loved the process of fostering talent to their fullest potential and achieving success through relationships with clients. After nearly a decade in model management, she made a career shift to artist management and never looked back. Taking the leap and founding her own agency has been a longtime dream and a journey that she’s very excited to be embarking on.

Andrea Evans

Co-Founder & Agent


[email protected]

In her 20+ years in the Industry, Andrea has worked at powerhouse companies such as The Artist Group, MAC Cosmetics, Faulhaber PR, Elite & Ford. Before shifting from models to artists, she was Agency Director at B&M Models where she put the most diverse group of talent in the city on the map. She was also there to oversee the first Non-Binary board in North America.

Having managed the daily lives and careers of high-level executives, models and artists, she strives to give support to her clients & talent with humanity and humour. Those who know her, call her Dre.

Adam Daigle

Artist Agent


[email protected]

Originally from the East Coast, Adam has called Toronto home for the past 15 years. Prior to recently graduating from an Entertainment & Artist Management program, Adam was an award winning hairstylist for 20+ years. He has worked in salons all over the world, including Singapore, New Zealand and of course here in Toronto.

Adam brings a love and passion for all things fashion and beauty. His skills, achievements, education and work experience have all culminated in his role at Cadre.

Aisling Gogan

Visual Communications Manager


[email protected]

Aisling began her career as an editorial model in Toronto while completing her degree in Fashion Studies & Graphic Communications at Toronto Metropolitan University (formally Ryerson) and the Copenhagen School of Design & Technology.

Her experience lies in content management, editorial and graphic design, writing, and campaign direction. She combines her on-set experience with her design capabilities to bring to life all things branding and visual communication.

Led by her values of collaboration and empathy, she is passionate about working on impactful projects that will help promote our artists and propel Cadre in a new visual direction.