Ashley Readings fell in love with hair and makeup while studying art at OCAD and abroad in Florence, Italy. Captivated by the creative possibilities of the beauty industry, Ashley began working in hair and makeup after graduation and never looked back.

For Ashley, a constantly evolving aesthetic has driven her work to be diverse and inclusive. The variety of jobs Ashley has been part of has made this possible. From TV (Canada’s Drag Race, Iron Chef, Where To I Do), to music videos (Arkell’s People’s Champ), magazines, cosmetic brands and celebrity clients (Samira Wiley, Sonequa Martin Green, Sally Fields) Ashley has worked across a variety of media to explore products and techniques from a range of viewpoints.

Education has been of paramount importance and 2020 saw Ashley branch out into wig making and cosmetic styling as a natural progression of skills and background in the arts. These days Ashley can be found on set for a variety of clients and in her down time on Instagram posting about her latest home renovation project.

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