Introducing Cadre Artist Management, a new female-owned, Toronto-based agency specializing in hair & makeup, wardrobe styling as well as off-figure/product styling. Co-founded by Leila Canon-Ahern and Andrea Evans — two industry pros, each with 15+ years of experience in the business — Cadre aims to bring new energy and perspective to the Canadian and international scene. Back in 2010, Leila and Andrea’s career paths connected, and soon the pair recognized that their core values aligned effortlessly. Respected for their enthusiasm, warmth and commitment to fostering emerging and established talent , they look forward to taking great care of their clients and Cadre.

The agency name is a mashup of Leila’s last name (Canon) and Andrea’s nickname (Dre), and serendipitously, the word also translates to “a small group of people specially trained for a particular purpose or profession.”

“Cadre’s mission is to bring beauty and value to everything that we do,” says co-founder Leila Canon-Ahern. “Our goal is to support our roster of artists as well as our clients and empower them to bring their creative ideas to life.” Adds co-founder Andrea Evans, “our values are rooted in integrity — something we always stay true to, in our actions and in the art that we create.”

Cadre’s roster includes:

Styling – Skye Kelton, Shea Hurley, Jillian Vieira, Chad Burton

Makeup & Hair – Grace Lee, Ashley Readings, Franceline Graham

Hair – Kristjan Hayden          Hair & Makeup – Ian Russell          Manicure – Sarah Alaina

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