Born and raised in London UK, Ian was immersed in the epicentre of British design and innovation from a young age – finding joy and a deep interest in illustration, the arts and cultural zeitgeist. He graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fashion: Design, Promotion & Communication and begin his creative career in Graphic Design & Branding before going on to retrain and develop his skills in Hairstyling, Makeup & Wigs.

He has worked with clients such as Bentley Motors, Hudson’s Bay, Harry Rosen, Sun Life, Canada Goose, Canada’s Drag Race, L’Oreal, Vitaly and Sony BMG. His work has been featured on Film and TV as well as in print, with publications including: Fashion Canada, Swagger Magazine, The Evening Standard, The Sunday Times, Life & Style and House & Home Magazine.

Approaching projects with a friendly disposition and a keen eye for detail, Ian combines experience across corporate and creative worlds to truly connect with clients on a contextual, commercially savvy level.

Fashion        Advertising      TV & Personalities         Grooming